Episode 7: The Untold Story of Tibetan Students in the 1989 Tiananmen Movement

June 4, 2024, marks 35 years since the monumental protests by Chinese students and citizens demanding freedom and democracy—a powerful moment of hope and inspiration brutally crushed by the Chinese government, now remembered as the Tiananmen Square Massacre. In this episode of Tibet Unlocked, we turn our attention to a less well-documented aspect of the events of this period, the participation by Tibetans and non-Chinese students. For the first time, Dr. Gyal Lo reveals his courageous involvement in China’s 1989 democracy movement as a 23 year old Tibetan student. What fueled his fearless determination to shut down railway tracks and engage in civil disobedience. Tibet Unlocked delves into the profound inspiration and confidence that drove Tibetan students into direct action, sharing Dr Gyal Lo’s poignant reflections on the enduring legacy of Tiananmen Square and its significance for the Tibetans people.

Keywords - activists,Campaign